8031 Salem Bible Church Rd. Macungie, PA 18062

(610) 966-5822

The Other 30 (Young Adult Ministry)

We are a small number but looking to turn that around. There is a horrible statistic out there that about 70% of high school students leave the church after graduation. That means 30% are sticking around. We are that 30%, and we hope that we will turn those numbers around. We exist to connect young adults with each other, with the church, and with Jesus. It is crucial that we own our faith; that we make our relationship with Jesus a personal and intimate one. We want to be Christ-followers, and we are called to do that in community. Welcome to The Other 30, a community of young adult Christ-followers.

We will be looking for a night to meet every week for hanging out and fellowship. We want to do some sort of Bible study and discussion. We will also be adding some meaningful activities and events to the calendar for us to hang out and grow.

We also put on a 9-day road trip called "On The Road Missions and Spiritual Formation". This is an incredible opportunity to serve those in need right here in the USA, and as we drive the country serving at all different capacities we are growing in our relationship with Christ and each other. For more information on anything having to do with The Other 30, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Email Pastor Justin for details if you are 18-30ish years old. We look forward to having you.

Here's a shot of our group discussing Heaven.