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Parent Pulse

It is hard being a parent today. Kids have a mind of their own, obviously. Kids are dealing with things that we may not know much about. Well, I don't know much about this stuff either. So, I developed Parent Pulse to be a ministry that unites parents with other parents, the Youth Pastor, and the youth leaders. I believe we have a better chance at reaching our youth with truth together rather than apart.

This section is for you, the parents. Here you will find articles about raising kids and things that this young generation may be dealing with, and notes from me about important stuff. Check back regularly as we update this page with new content and helpful tips.

In This Together,

Pastor Justin

 Also, I have a ministry to parents where I send out monthly challenges, resources, and updates to help parents in this crazy world of parenting. You can sign up to receive those emails here.

Please view this letter as it shares my vision for ministry and a Scriptural basis to live by.

Open Letter To Parents 


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