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Volunteers Needed

Are you looking for a way to meet new people, and feel more connected? 

We could use more people to:

  • Count our attendance on Sunday mornings.

Interested in this role? Contact Pastor Kevin

  • Move the church vans:

in order to free up more parking spaces on a Sunday morning, we are looking for volunteers to move the vans on a Sunday morning before the service, and move them back after the service.  (You need to have a valid license and be 25 or older for this one).  
Interested? See Pastor Justin

  • Tech help needed:

  1. Looking for people who have tech experience in running cameras and or using pro-presenter (or other presentation software) to volunteer with our tech team during Sunday morning services.  Also if you are tech minded person and you are willing to learn, we could use you as well.  Interested? Contact Noah Reinhart

  2. Also looking for Sound Techs: contact Pastor Kevin


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