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Who we are

Who We Are

George & Linda Hege

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George is our Lead Pastor

Kevin & Beth Schultz

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Kevin is our Executive Pastor

Justin & Elisabeth Reese

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Justin is our Family Pastor

Elisabeth is our sbcKIDS Ministry Director

Scott Bose
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Head of Salem Christian School

Tammy Styer
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Church Secretary

Noah Reinhart
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Media Director

Kyle Shuey
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Facilities Manager




Andrew Wang
Kevin Rhodes
Larry Aston
Doug Augustin
Tom Reinhart
Ben Reed
Joshua Markloff
Paul Kilbride
Jay Delp

Jeff Barr
Ron Braeunig
Matt Slifer
Mark Marks
Steve Rogers
Bill Yellets
Cory Black
Mike Onder
Scott Schoenly
Nathan Lumsden
Arlian Barnes

White Brick Wall

Our Story

Salem has an amazing history. For almost 150 years, God has used this group of people and these facilities as a light on the mountain shining brightly to the community around it.

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